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Hand-painted-chocolates and luxury personalised chocolates, gifts, hampers and novelties for your corporate gifting strategy, elevate your brand’s image, relationships, and create memories.  

The investment in these thoughtful gestures can yield invaluable returns in terms of goodwill, loyalty, and continued business success.

We have many years of experience working with a range of commercial and corporate clients, including celebrity chefs, food and beverage brands and restaurants.
Corporate events
Product launches
Bespoke designs
Parties and award
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Graffiti Chocolates
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Artisian Chocolates
Multicoloured pyramids chocolates gold leaf
Chocolate lips bonbons

Hand painted Chocolates

What sets our chocolates apart is not just the richness of their taste but our passion woven into every creation.

Our artisans pour their hearts into crafting these tiny treasures, blending the finest ingredients with skillful techniques.

With each chocolate, you embark on a journey of flavours, a symphony of cocoa, creaminess, and the delicate dance of complementary ingredients. And we strive to ensure sustainability in our products and packaging.

We create products that are simple but tasted sublime, popular flavours done with finesse.


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